Quality Improvement Steps to Optimize Adolescent Vaccination Delivery Within Medical Homes

Set up a multidisciplinary vaccination team that is in charge of evaluating and improving vaccination delivery (for all relevant age groups)
Develop office-based policies and procedures for new adolescent vaccinations
Review evidence-based strategies for optimizing childhood or adult vaccinations and assess which strategies are being used within the office; implement strategies that might be feasible for adolescents
Perform 1 well-defined, feasible, and purposefully small office-based intervention to improve 1 aspect of adolescent immunization delivery
Measure vaccination coverage for the adolescent population and make adjustments on the basis of coverage
Collaborate with other sectors: managed care for Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set measures, immunization registries for adolescent vaccinations, health care systems for electronic medical charts, including vaccinations, local health departments for practice-based Comprehensive Assessment Software Application audits, and other provider sites such as school health clinics for sharing vaccination records of mutual patients