Average Perceived Group Session Usefulness and Relevance

QuestionRatingAverage Over Sessions 1 to 6a
How useful was the session overall?Not at all useful0.6%
A little useful11.2%
Quite useful45.5%
Very useful42.8%
How useful was the information your group leader talked about?Not at all useful0.4%
A little useful10.7%
Quite useful43.6%
Very useful45.4%
How useful was the information other parents in your group talked about?Not at all useful0.6%
A little useful17.3%
Quite useful45.9%
Very useful36.3%
How relevant was this session to you and your family?Not at all relevant0.6%
A little relevant11.3%
Quite relevant47.7%
Very relevant40.5%
  • a An average of 180 mothers provided feedback on session usefulness and relevance over the 6 sessions of the intervention.