Pediatric Requirements for Safe and Effective e-Prescribing

CategoryPediatric Requirements
Patient informationDate of birth or age in units more specific than years
Weight in kilograms
Height in centimeters
Any history of intolerable adverse effects or allergy to medications
Medication informationIndication-based dosing and individual and daily dose alerts, using a mg/kg per day or mg/m2 per day formula, unless inappropriate
Weight-based dosing calculations
All available formulations, including liquid formulations that may be specific brands
Common formulations requiring extemporaneous compounding or combinations of active ingredients
Cognitive supportDose-range checking (minimum and maximum amount per dose, amount per day based on weight, surface area, and total dose)
Automatic strength-to-volume conversions for liquid medications
Adverse effect warnings specific to pediatric populations
Alternative therapies based on ameliorable adverse effects
Tall Man lettering to reduce medication selection errors
Medication-specific indications to reduce ordering of sound-alike drugs
Pharmacy informationPharmacies that will create extemporaneous compounds
Data transmissionUse of messaging standards for data transmission to pharmacies that include the patient’s weight and notes pertaining to weight-based calculations
Transmission of strength, concentration, and dose volume labeled in metric units for liquid medications