Clinical Categorization

Alcohol exposureConfirmed maternal consumption throughout gestation≥1 oz AA/d or ≥4 binges: each ≤2 oz AA
FaceShort palpebral fissure (≤10th percentile)≥2 of 3≥2 of 3
Thin upper lip (4 or 5 on Astley scale)
Smooth philtrum (4 or 5 on Astley scale)
GrowthDelay for height or weight (≤10th percentile)
Head/BrainReduced circumference (≤10th percentile)≥1 of 2≥1 of 3
CNS structural abnormality
BehaviorEvidence of behavioral or cognitive deficiency≥1 of 3
  • AA, absolute alcohol; 1 oz AA ≈ 2 standard drinks.