Pediatric ACP Programs (n = 3)

Program CharacteristicsFACE Intervention 1012Footprints Model21Hammes et al 200517
Full nameFACE ACP interventionFootprints model of advance care planning and coordinationNS
BasisEmpirical, RC program,23 Five Wishes28Empirical, ethics committee discussionsDesigned by RC team
Care settingOutpatientMainly outpatientIn- and outpatient
Target populationHIV-infected adolescentsPatients with various life-limiting illnessesPatients with various life-limiting illnesses
Interventions3 weekly standardized sessionsInterdisciplinary care conference (90 min) and scheduled follow-up meetings2–3 sessions (30–40 min)
Standard participants in pACPPatients, parents, trained interviewerFamily, patients (developmentally adapted), continuity physician, nurse, social worker, chaplain, community physician, other providersSurrogates, competent patients, hospital ethicist, chair of the Ethics Committee, physician
Optional participantsChaplain, psychotherapist, hospital ethicistEthics committeeChaplain
AD formStandard form with open section, copy to family and physicianStandard form, copy to relevant providers (eg, EMS personnel, equipment providers, police, funeral director, coroner)Letter format
Review of the care planNSIndividually scheduledAnnually
Issues addressedMedical, psychosocial, and spiritualMedical, psychosocial, and spiritualMedical
  • EMS, emergency medical services; FACE, family/adolescent centered; NS, not stated; RC, Respecting Choices.