AssessmentItemsαExample ItemResponse Option Anchors
Current frequency and quantity of alcohol use2090.91During the last 30 d, on how many days did you…have at least 1 drink of beer?0 = 0 d
7 = all 30 d
Problems associated with alcohol use2180.93How many times have you ever…gone to school drunk?1 = never
4 = more than 10 times
Exposure to alcohol advertisinga on popular shows22200.79How frequently do you watch MTV?1 = never
6 = every day
Exposure to alcohol advertisinga on sports shows22,2360.80How often to you watch professional football?1 = never
6 = every day
Cued recall memory for alcohol advertisements24150.74What product is being advertised in the photo?Open-ended
Self-reported observation of alcohol advertisements2540.72In the past week, how many commercials have you seen for alcohol drinks like beer, wine, or liquor?0 = none
6 = 6 or more
Liking of alcohol advertisements2630.78Of all the commercials you see on TV, how much do you like the TV commercials for alcohol?1 = I like alcohol commercials the most
4 = I like the alcohol commercials the least
Propensity to watch TV27,2870.79On a typical weekday, how many hours a day do you watch TV…after school before dinner?1 = I do not watch TV
5 = 5 h or more
Observed drinking by peers and friends2940.86About how often did you do the following things in the last 6 mo…saw someone your age drink beer or other alcohol?0 = never
6 = every day
Observed drinking by known adults3030.84About how often did you do the following things in the last 6 mo…saw an adult you know well drink alcohol?0 = never
6 = every day
Participation in sports3150.73About how often did you do the following things in the last 6 mo… played soccer?0 = never
6 = every day
Language acculturation32,3330.67What language(s) do you usually speak at home?1 = only English
5 = only another language
Socioeconomic status512naWhat is the highest grade completed by your mother?1 = not completed elementary school
6 = Completed graduate school
Socioeconomic status512naWhat type of work does your father do?Open-ended (coded)
  • na, not applicable.

  • a The frequency of watching popular shows or sports programs was weighted by the frequency of alcohol advertisements broadcast on those shows in the previous 10 mo, as reported by Nielsen Media Research (see text).