Doctor Advised Respondent at Last Checkup About Risk of Drug Use, Smoking, and No Exercise, According to Whether the Doctor Asked About These Behaviors and Frequency of These Behaviors

Doctor Asked AboutDrug UseSmokingExercise
YesNever53553Never63056<1 time per month10269
1–5 times per year98611–5 times per 30 d5761Once per week11665
6+ times per year93686+ times per 30 d58702+ times per week77863
NSaNSaP < .05
NoNever11922Never14021<1 time per month1221
1–5 times per year33201–5 times per 30 d2026Once per week1632
6+ times per year20176+ times per 30 d9122+ times per week7717
  • NS, not significant.

  • a χ2 test across frequency.