Newborn Care

Pre (n = 4187)Post (n = 5411)P
% or mean ± SDn% or mean ± SDn
Clearing the airway26.7111710.0543≤.001
Resuscitated (eg, stimulation, clearing of airway and/or B&M ventilation)28.9121211.9645≤.001
B&M ventilation3.11284.0219.01
Other revival efforts0.7300.318.008
Proportion of resuscitation by B&M ventilationa10.312433.1210≤.001
B&M resuscitation ventilation done bya.04
 Not reported2.35
Golden Minute B&M resuscitationa7.89522.3144≤.001
Skin-to-skin contactb65.3265567.53569.03
Breastfed within 30 min of birthc74.8303976.34034.10
  • TBA, traditional birth attendant.

  • a Denominator is cases resuscitated: n Pre = 1212, n Post = 645.

  • b Denominator is livebirths: n Pre = 4063, n Post = 5288.