SBs: Adjusteda Backward Wald Logistic Regression (n = 9601)

SBsLog OR95% CIP
Post HBB training0.620.470.83.001
≥3 ANC visits0.340.250.46.000
Any pregnancy complication1.671.102.54.016
Any labor complication6.764.739.66.000
Cesarean delivery (reference dummy).000
Instrumental delivery0.
Vaginal delivery0.460.171.25.126
Gestation, wk0.820.770.87.000
Birth weight ≤2000 g8.015.5911.47.000
  • ANC, antenatal care.

  • a Variable(s) entered on step 1: Post HBB training, resuscitation required, place of birth (categorically coded), ≥3 ANC visits, multiple gestation, any pregnancy complication, any labor complication, mode of delivery (categorically coded), gestational age (weeks), infant’s gender, birth weight <2000 g. All dichotomous variables are coded (0 = No, 1 = Yes). Table variables are those retained on last step given Probability for inclusion in model (PIN)=0.05, Probability for exclusion from model (POUT)=0.10.