Doctor Advised Respondent at Last Checkup to Reduce or Quit Drug Use and Smoking and to Increase Exercise, According to Whether the Doctor Asked About These Behaviors and Frequency of These Behaviors

Doctor Asked AboutDrug UseSmokingExercise
YesNever19819Never24721<1 time per month8957
1–5 times per year47291–5 times per 30 d2626Once per week10762
6+ times per year57446+ times per 30 d47562+ times per week51242
P < .01aP < .01aP < .01a
NoNever416Never466<1 time per month1013
1–5 times year761–5 times per 30 d58Once per week1522
6+ times per year776+ times per 30 d892+ times per week5310
  • NS, not significant.

  • a χ2 test across frequency.