How to Discuss CAM Use With Patients

Conversation starters:
 1. “Many families whose children have serious health conditions try other kinds of therapies that may not be as part of usual medical care. Do you have questions about complementary and alternative care that you'd like to talk about?”
 2. “It would help me provide the best care for your child to know if there are other health care providers/services/products that he/she is taking, such as herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, massage, chiropractic, etc.”
 3. “What else do you do to support your child’s health? For example, do you give your child any herbs or supplements?”
Follow-up questions regarding CAM providers
 “Do you see anyone else for your child's health care, like an herbalist or chiropractor? What do you see them for? How did you decide to seek their care? Have you found them helpful? Have you had any issues with them?”
Follow-up questions regarding CAM products
 “Where do you get the products from? How did you find out about this product? There are some guidelines about finding the best/safest product/therapist. Would you like to know more?”
Points to cover
 List or describe all health care treatments/modalities/products used for your child.
 Do you give your child any over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, or supplements (eg, herbals, probiotics, homeopathic remedies)?
 Do you take your child to any other health care providers (eg, chiropractor, naturopath)?
 Have you altered your child’s diet for health reasons?
 What effect have these products or practices had on your child’s health?
 Have they helped your child?
 Have there been any unwanted and unexpected effects?