Critical Knowledge Base for School Physicians

Infectious diseases (eg, outbreak control)
Public health (eg, risk assessment and management, resources)
Immunizations (eg, school requirements and medical contraindications)
Medical-legal issues
 State and district school and public health laws, regulations, and policies
 IDEA, Section 504, and ADA
 FERPA and HIPAA and how they intersect in the school setting
Adolescent health (eg, brain development and reproductive health)
Sports medicinea
 The value of physical education and physical activity at school
 Injury prevention
 Disqualifying conditions
 The effects of climate extremes on athletes
 Concussion management
 Adaptive physical education
Emergency preparedness (eg, children with special health care needs)
Environmental and occupational health (eg, indoor air quality)
Health and learning (eg, medical, emotional, attentional, and learning problems that affect learning)
Social services resources (eg, access to health insurance and assistance programs)
A coordinated school health model (eg, health services, health education, healthy and safe environment, physical education and activity, nutrition services, counseling/psychology/social services, staff health promotion and family/community involvement)
  • ADA, Americans With Disabilities Act; FERPA, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act; HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; IDEA, Individuals With Disabilities Act.

  • a Unless there is a separate team physician.