Parent and Child Outcomes in Cases in Which the Child Said That He or She Was Bullied, Depending on Whether the Parent Knew or Did Not Know That the Child Was Being Bullied

Parent Knew That the Child Is BulliedParent Did Not Know That the Child Is BulliedP
Ba: Parent QoL (higher score = worse QoL)43.0231.31.02
Ba: Child QoL (higher score = better QoL)84.1478.18.03
FAb: Parent QoL (higher score = worse QoL)45.0835.97.05
FAb: Child QoL (higher score = better QoL)
FAb: Child QoL social functioning subscale (higher score = better QoL)88.4379.42.01
  • a Bullying for any reason, including but not limited to FA (69 parents knew, 155 did not know).

  • b FA-related bullying (62 parents knew, 174 did not know).