Percent of Births With Selected Characteristics According to Race and Hispanic Origin of Mother: United States, 1990 and 2005 (Final) and 2006 (Preliminary)

All RacesNon-Hispanic WhiteNon-Hispanic BlackHispanica
    <20 y of age10.410.
    ≥40 y of age2.
    Diabetes during pregnancy3.
    Pregnancy-associated hypertension4.
    Health care utilization
        Midwife-attended birthsc7.
        Cesarean-delivery rate31.130.322.731.330.423.433.132.622.129.729.021.2
    Birth weight
    Gestational age
        Very preterm birthe2.042.031.921.651.641.334.074.174.631.801.791.69
        Preterm birthe12.812.610.611.711.78.518.418.418.912.212.111.0
Multiple births per 1000 total births
    Live births in twin deliveries32.222.636.122.936.426.722.018.0
    Live births in higher-order multiple deliveries1.
  • Race and Hispanic origin are reported separately on birth certificates. Persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race. Race categories are consistent with the 1977 OMB standards. Twenty-three states in 2006 and 19 states in 2005 reported multiple-race data. Multiple-race data for these states were bridged to the single-race categories of the 1977 OMB standards for comparability with other states. — indicates that data are not available.

  • a Includes all persons of Hispanic origin of any race.

  • b Excludes data for New Hampshire and Oklahoma, which did not report Hispanic origin.

  • c Delivered by certified nurse midwives.

  • d VLBW is birth weight of <1500 g (3 lb, 4 oz), and LBW is birth weight of <2500 g (5 lb, 8 oz).

  • e Very preterm indicates birth before 32 completed weeks of gestation, and preterm indicates birth before 37 completed weeks of gestation.

  • Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System: natality (