Roles for School Physicians

Mandated Services
 Physical exams (grade mandated, special education, work permits, sports participation)
 Oversight of return to sports (eg, concussion management programs)
 Active member on teams/committees (eg, special education, wellness, health education)
 Write standing nursing orders/protocols
 Athletic advisor/team physician
  Oversee health aspects of athletic programs and best practice standards
   Infectious diseases esp. for close contact sports
   Participation of athletes with serious medical conditions
  Adaptive physical education for acutely injured or chronically disabled youngsters
  Mixed gender competition
 Develop policies
  Contagious diseases/pandemics
  Restraint, suspension, expulsion
  Reproductive health
  Chronic school absenteeism
 Develop protocols
  Delivery of medications
  Seizure management
  Diabetes care
  Anaphylaxis management
  Asthma education and management
 Assist in the management of specific medical emergencies or immediacies
 Participate at the building level in comprehensive, multidisciplinary teams and wellness councils
Programmatic leadership
 Health program evaluation and quality improvement
  Health education
  Mental health promotion programs
  Nutrition and food services
  Physical activity and education
  Staff wellness
  Family and community education
 Liaison with primary care physicians regarding specific concerns
 Professional performance development
 Evaluation and collaborative oversight of nursing staff and other health service providers, including one-on-one nurses and door-to-door transportation
 Reviews of emergency care plans for children with life-threatening conditions.
 Classroom observations of children with special needs
 Health education curriculum development
Direct consultation with principals or the superintendent
 Medical-legal issues
 Parent attorneys or advocates in accommodation disputes and hearings
 Building and playground health and safety
 Bloodborne pathogen incidents
 School closure related to illness or weather extremes, or infections that affect public health