Total Number (n) of Singletons Born Alive at Term, SGA Singletons, and the Number (n) and Proportion (per 1000) of Singletons Who Died in the Neonatal Period or Who Were Diagnosed With CP

GroupLive Born, nNeonatal DeathCPNeonatal Death, OR (CI)CP, OR (CI)
n (per 1000)n (%)n (per 1000)n (%)
All children400 488401 (1.0)0.1342 (0.9)0.1
SGA36 604104 (2.8)0.369 (1.9)0.23.9 (3.1–4.9)2.6 (2.0–3.4)
Non-SGA363 307265 (0.7)0.1263 (0.7)
  • The table also shows ORs with 95% CIs for neonatal death and CP among singletons born alive in Norway during 1996–2003.