Housing Quality Measures of 246 Homes in East Baltimore, Maryland, Percent of Homes Passing by Item and Domain for Items With <80% Passing

DomainHousing Quality Item (Passing Response)% Passing
Domain 1, kitchens and bathroomsDo all stove burners work? (Yes)78
Domain 2, electricalDo all ceiling and wall mounted light fixtures work? (Yes)78
Ask parent: How many times have fuses blown or circuit breakers tripped in the last 3 mo? (None)73
Domain 3, heating and coolingDoes the heating system provide enough heat in every room? (Yes)44
Domain 4, walls, ceilings, and floorsIs there any paint that can be chipped or peeled by finger scraping? (No)44
Is there any area of peeling paint or broken plaster bigger than the size of this page? (No)79
Are there any floor problems such as boards, tiles, carpeting, or linoleum that are missing, curled, or loose? (No)75
Is there mildew, mold, or water damage on any wall, floor, or ceiling? (No)44
Is there any place where floor problems can cause you to trip?71
Domain 5, sanitation and safetyAsk parent: Did you see a rat anywhere in your building or outside around the grounds this week? (No)50
Ask parent: Have you seen any cockroaches in your home this week? (No)77
Do all windows have locks that work? (Yes)59
Is there a working smoke detector on each floor in your home? (Yes)42
Domain 6, outside the homeAsk parent: Is there enough light for safety? (Yes)79