Effects of Lifestyle Interventions on Anthropometric and Metabolic Outcomes (Structured by Year of Publication)

StudyTime of MeasurementaAnthropometric/Body CompositionMetabolic
BMIBMI z ScoreBody Fat %Waist CircumferenceTotal CholesterolLDLHDLTriglycerideFasting GlucoseFasting InsulinInsulin ResistanceiSBPDBP
Lifestyle intervention compared with no-treatment or wait-list control
 Becque 19886320 wkb,dbb
 Rocchini 19886820 wkb,dbb
 Balagopal 2003223 mobb,eb, cb, c
 Jiang 20052824 mobbbbb
 Huang 20072612 wkbb,fbbbbbbb
 Park 20073112 wkbb,fbbbbbbbb
 Davis 20092416 wkb
 Reinehr 2010326 mobbb,fbbb
 Sacher 2010346 mobbgbb
Lifestyle intervention compared with usual care
 Nemet 2005433 mobb,hbbb
 Nemet 20054312 mobb,h
 Gillis 2007396 mo
 Savoye 2007466 mobb,fbbb
 Savoye 20074612 mobb,fbbb
 Kalarchian 2009416 mobb,ebb
 Kalarchian 20094112 mob,ebb
Lifestyle intervention compared with written education materials only
 Johnston 2007496 mobfbb
 Weigel 20085112 mobbb
  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; SBP, systolic blood pressure; ✓, the outcomes were reported.

  • a Counted from baseline.

  • b Indicates a statistically significant improvement in that outcome when compared with no-treatment control/usual care/written education materials.

  • c Findings reported in graph.

  • d Body fat % measured by hydrostatic weighting.

  • e Body fat % measured by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

  • f Body fat % measured by bio-impedance analyzer.

  • g Body fat % determined by deuterium dilution.

  • h Body fat % determined by skin folds.

  • i Insulin resistance determined by the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR).