Antimicrobial Use Based on CPG Specific Recommendations

GroupHospitals, n (%)Patients, n% ReceivedPaOR (95% CI)Pb
 No CPG28 (68.3)13 26523.9<.0001Ref
 CPG: recommend as first-line agent7 (17.1)371046.32.7 (1.4–5.5).005
 CPG: not addressed6 (14.6)273519.80.8 (0.5–1.3).37
Macrolide (>5 y old)
 No CPG28 (68.3)401355.2<.0001Ref
 CPG: recommends macrolide use for children ≥5 y10 (24.4)163358.21.1 (0.7–1.9).64
 CPG: no recommendation for macrolide use3 (7.3)28641.30.6 (0.3–0.9).026
  • a P values comparing differences in proportion of patients receiving antibiotics based on specific mention in the CPG are unadjusted and aggregate (combining across hospitals).

  • b P values are adjusted for hospital clustering.