Examples of Detected Triggers

Cares (C)
 C14: Any procedure complicationOne day after hernia surgery, the patient returned to the emergency department with a surgical site infection and was admitted for intravenous therapy
 C15: OtherIntravenous infiltrates and eye swelling caused by duoderm/tape
Medication (M)
 M12: Abrupt medication stop Depakote discontinued because of increasing ammonia level
 M13: OtherConstipation related to narcotics
Surgical (S)
 S3: Admission to ICU postoperativelyPatients undergoing spinal fusions admitted to the ICU postoperatively as part of normal care for increased monitoring (not an AE)
Emergency department (E)
 E1: Readmission to ED within 48 hPatient with bronchiolitis returned because of worsening symptoms and decreased oral intake (not an AE)
Intensive Care (I)
 I4: Intubation/reintubationPatient intubated because of decline in condition related to underlying illness (not an AE)