Module AEs and Triggers

Module AEsNo. of AEsNo. of Triggers% with AE
Cares (C)
 C1: Transfusion or use of blood products42020
 C2: Code/arrest/rapid response team2450
 C3: Acute dialysis1250
 C4: Positive blood culture4944
 C5: x-ray or Doppler studies for emboli or deep vein thrombosis010
 C6: Decrease >25% in hemoglobin or hematocrit3650
 C7: Patient fall1911
 C8: Pressure ulcers11100
 C9: Readmission within 30 d105020
 C10: Restraint use030
C11: Health care-associated infection of any kind101759
 C12: In-hospital stroke000
C13: Transfer to a higher level of care1215
 C14: Any procedure complication91182
 C15: Other (enter the trigger name here)7978
  Total Cares5316333
Medication (M)
 M1: Clostridium difficile-positive culture2367
 M2: Partial thromboplastin time >100 s010
 M3: International normalized ratio >6000
 M4: Glucose <50 mg/dL020
 M5: Rising blood urea nitrogen or serum creatinine >2 times baseline1425
 M6: Vitamin K administration020
 M7: Benadryl (diphenhydramine) use63418
 M8: Romazicon (flumazenil) use000
 M9: Narcan (naloxone) use020
 M10: Antiemetic use7819
 M11: Oversedation/hypotension81942
 M12: Abrupt medication stop182864
 M13: Other (Medication Module Triggers)182090
  Total Medication6019631
Surgical (S)
 S1: Return to surgery010
 S2: Change in procedure020
 S3: Admission to ICU postoperatively080
 S4: Intubation/re-intubation/bilevel positive airway pressure in postanesthesia care unit000
 S5: x-ray intraoperatively or in postanesthesia care unit000
 S6: Intraoperative or postoperative death000
 S7: Mechanical ventilation >24 h postoperatively040
 S8: Intraoperative epinephrine/norepinephrine, naloxone, flumazenil000
 S9: Postoperative troponin level >1.5 ng/mL000
 S10: Injury, repair, or removal of organ010
 S11: Any operative complication44100
  Total Surgical42020
Emergency Department (E), Intensive Care (I), and Perinatal (P)
 E1: Readmission to ED within 48 h070
 E2: Time in ED > 6 h0170
 I1: Pneumonia onset010
 I2: Readmission to ICU000
 I3: In unit procedure000
 I4: Intubation/reintubation010
 P1: Terbutaline use000
 P2: Third or fourth degree lacerations000
 P3: Platelet count <50 000000
 P4: Estimated blood loss >500 mL (vaginal) or >1000 mL (C-sect)000
 P5: Specialty consult000
 P6: Oxytocic agents000
 P7: Instrumental delivery000
  Total Emergency Department, Intensive Care, and Perinatal0260
  • AEs reported for a trigger do not necessarily represent a unique AE, because multiple triggers can and often do link to a single AE. ED, emergency department; C-Sect, cesarean delivery.