Associations (ORs) Between Use of Any CAM and Subgroup Categories of Special Diets and “Other” CAM

FactorExposureAny CAM (n = 896)Special Diets (n= 548)aOther CAM (n = 643)a
A Versus B
Gender      Male       Female0.920.960.88
ASD      Asperger’s       Autism0.81*0.51*0.91
      PDD-NOS       Autism0.76*0.70*0.77*
Parent-reported GI problems      Yes       No2.01*2.46*1.91*
Parent-reported sleep problems as measured by using the CSHQ      Yes       No1.071.080.96
Parent-reported history of seizures      Yes       No1.76*2.16*1.71*
CBCL internalizing T score      Yes       No1.29*1.39*1.19*
CBCL externalizing T score      Yes       No1.19*1.29*1.01
CBCL total score      Yes       No1.30*1.42*1.14*
Reported psychotropic medication usage      Yes       No1.010.79*1.14
  • a Compared with the no CAM usage group.

  • * Nominally significant, P < .20.