Comparison of Perinatal Characteristics of the 2 Study Groups

Perinatal CharacteristicBreastfed Group (n = 8)Formula-Fed Group (n = 8)P
Birth weight, median (interquartile range), g2830.0 (547.5)2895.0 (562.5)NS
Birth length, median (interquartile range), cm49.5 (3.5)49.5 (3.5)NS
Head circumference, median (interquartile range), cm32.8 (1.8)32.5 (2.0)NS
Apgar score at 1 min, median (interquartile range)9.0 (1.0)9.0 (0.5)NS
Apgar score at 5 min, median (interquartile range)9.0 (0.0)9.0 (0.0)NS
Day 3 NAS score, median (interquartile range)4.5 (3.9)6.8 (1.2)NS
Highest NAS score, median (interquartile range)6.5 (4.5)11.0 (5.0)NS
Infants requiring NAS pharmacotherapy, n14NS
Total time of treatment for infants treated for NAS, median (interquartile range), d613.5 (10.5)NA
  • NS indicates not significant; NA, not applicable.