Adjusted RRs for Smoking Initiation by Wave 3 in Relation to a 1-Decile Increase in Movie Smoking Exposure Measured at Each Data Collection Wave and Movie Smoking Exposure Measured Cumulatively During the Follow-up Period

ModelAdjusted RR (95% CI)P
Exposure at each wave
    Wave 11.09 (1.03–1.15)<.01
    Wave 21.09 (1.03–1.16)<.01
    Wave 31.07 (1.00–1.14).05
Cumulative exposure
    Waves 1 and 21.11 (1.04–1.17)<.001
    Waves 1, 2, and 31.09 (1.02–1.16)<.01
  • RRs were adjusted for age, gender, race, school performance, self-esteem, self-regulation, rebelliousness, sensation-seeking, parent education, parent smoking status, maternal monitoring, and maternal responsiveness, as measured at baseline, and friend smoking status at each current and previous wave.