Tobacco Curriculum Content Among Programs That Include Tobacco in Their Resident Training Curricula (N = 61)

Number “Yes”Percent “Yes”χ2P
Health effects of tobacco smokeb5489
 Behavioral management of tobacco smoke376111.07.0009
Health effects of cigarette smokingb5692
 Behavioral management of cigarette smoking: patients304924.63<.0001
 Behavioral management of cigarette smoking: parents406611.00.0009
 Pharmacological management of cigarette smoking: patients284927.86<.0001
 Pharmacological management of cigarette smoking: parents223638.71<.0001
 Prevention of cigarette smoking5489NS
Health effects of other forms of tobaccob4269
 Behavioral management of other forms of tobacco203314.46<.0001
  • NS, not significant.

  • a Denominator for calculating percent of respondents who included specific tobacco content in their resident training curricula.

  • b Behavioral/intervention content versus corresponding health effects content.