Association of Anesthesia Exposure before Age 3 and Neuropsychological Disability at age 10

Overall Cohort, nDisabilitySingle/Multiple Exposure, nDisability
Disability/Total (%)PDisability/ Total (%)P
CELF total1615CELF-T <72.6aCELF Total1235CELF-T <72.6a
 Unexposed140185/1401 (6.1)<.0001bUnexposed105453/1054 (5.0)<.0001b
 Exposed21430/214 (14.0)Single exposure14120/141 (14.2)
Multiple exposure405/40 (12.5)
CELF receptive1615CELF-R <77.2aCELF receptive1235CELF-R <77.2a
 Unexposed140170/1401 (5.0).0008bUnexposed105440/1054 (3.8)<.0001b
 Exposed21423/214 (10.7)Single exposure14116/141 (11.3)
Multiple exposure405/40 (12.5)
CELF expressive1615CELF-E <68.6aCELF expressive1235CELF-E <68.6a
 Unexposed140189/1401 (6.4).0046bUnexposed105458/1054 (5.5).031
 Exposed21425/214 (11.7)Single exposure14114/141 (9.9)
Multiple exposure405/40 (12.5)
CPM total1627CPM <25.5aCPM total1246CPM <25.5a
 Unexposed1413112/1413 (7.9).012bUnexposed106575/1065 (7.0).033b
 Exposed21428/214 (13.1)Single exposure14118/141 (12.8)
Multiple exposure405/40 (12.5)
  • a Score cutoff values used for each neuropsychological test. Set at 1.5 SD below the mean of the entire cohort.

  • b Significant values by using P < .05 and Holm-Bonferroni Adjustment for multiple comparisons.