CHIPRA Measures Not Feasible in Our Outpatient EHR Data, and Explanation

Summary of Original CHIPRA MeasureReason Why Adaptation Not Feasible
17Continuously enrolled children/adolescents with access to primary care physiciansNo enrollment data; cannot identify “eligible” people who receive no care
18Continuously enrolled children receiving dental preventive servicesSome clinics provide dental services, but these are recorded in a different system. Other clinics do not provide these services.
19Continuously enrolled children receiving dental treatment services
20Average number of emergency department visitsThe clinics provide outpatient care only; no hospital or emergency department data
21Asthma patients with ≥1 asthma-related emergency department visits
22Catheter-associated blood stream infections per line day in PICU, NICU
23Follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness
24Ratings assigned by parents of children with chronic conditions to various aspects of care, as collected in the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Medicaid version 4.0 survey (including supplemental chronic illness items) for parents of children and youth 0–18 y oldSurvey measure not collected