Multivariable Logistic Regression Models Predicting Acceptance of IMC in Non-Muslim, Non-Nomiya Women and Men

VariableUnadjusted Odds of Accepting IMCAdjusted Odds of Accepting IMCa95% CIP
Non-Muslim, Non-Nomiya mothers (n = 569)
 MC status of father
  Circumcised3.942.301.53, 3.46<.001
  Uncircumcised/not surerefref
 Highest level of school completed
  None2.772.981.46, 6.08.003
  Postsecondary5.145.402.37, 12.2<.001
 Current marital status
  Does not live with spouse/partner1.693.021.84, 4.97<.001
  Lives with spouse/partnerrefref
 Greater sexual pleasure for the man
  Circumcised4.063.772.51, 5.67<.001
 Parental agreement
  Parents agreed3.044.382.63, 7.32<.001
  Did not agree/NS/Did not consult fatherrefref
Non-Muslim, Non-Nomiya fathers (n = 451)
 MC status
  Circumcised3.111.771.11, 2.81.016
 Greater sexual pleasure for the woman
  Circumcised4.343.572.27, 5.63<.001
 Parental agreement
  Parents agreed10.911.04.78, 25.2<.001
  Did not agree/Did not consult motherrefref
  • ND, no difference; NS, not sure; ref, referent category.

  • a Adjusted for other variables listed.