The ALSPAC FAI in Pregnancy

FAIItems index is derived from
Early parenthoodMother aged < 20 y at delivery of child
Mother aged <17 at delivery of first child
Housing inadequacyHomeless
Number of people per room >1
Basic living conditionsShared use of bath or shower
No running hot water
No kitchen
Housing defectsMold present
Leaking roof
Rodents or cockroaches present
Low educational attainmentMother has no qualifications
Partner has no qualifications
Poor financial circumstancesDerived from 5 questions about difficulty affording food, clothing, heating, housing, and items for the infant
Lack of partner affectionNo intimate bond
No affection
Partner crueltyHigh aggression
Physically cruel
Emotionally cruel
No support from partnerNo emotional support
No practical support
Afraid partner might leave
No emotional support from social networkNot able to share feelings
No one to discuss problems with
No practical support from social networkNo friends to borrow money from in times of need
No relatives to borrow money from in times of need
Psychopathology of motherHigh anxiety score
High depression scores
Has attempted suicide
Substance abuseUses hard drugs
Has alcohol problem
Partner has alcohol problem
Drinks more than 2 U alcohol per day
Partner drinks more than 2 U alcohol per day
Crime trouble with policeIn trouble with the police
Convicted of an offense
Partner in trouble with the police
  • One point is scored for each applicable item.