PDI Scores Estimated From Fitted Mixed Models

3 mo6 mo9 mo12 mo
BF98.66 (0.84)a103.57 (0.70)a103.31 (0.70)98.26 (0.85)
MF97.27 (0.86)ab102.07 (0.72)ab101.68 (0.72)96.64 (0.87)
SF95.18 (0.88)b100.64 (0.73)b100.87 (0.73)96.37 (0.89)
P value.0484.0397.1418.8838
  • Adjusted for SES, mother’s age, mother’s IQ, gestational age, child’s race, child’s gender, child’s age, birth wt, head circumference, and diet history. Modeled estimated means (SEM) with different superscript letters differ (P < .05). PDI was also adjusted for child’s weight.