AUC of the ROC Curve for Paco2 Variables in Relation to Severe IVH for All Infants and for the Subsets of Infants Who Received CPAP/IMV (n = 675) or Did Not Receive Such Respiratory Support (n = 174)

AUC95% Confidence IntervalP
Maximal Paco2
    All infants0.700.67–0.73<.0001
    No CPAP/IMV0.740.67–0.80<.01
Minimal Paco2
    All infants0.660.62–0.69<.0001
    No CPAP/IMV0.570.50–0.65.40
Time-weighted Paco2
    All infants0.580.54–0.61<.005
    No CPAP/IMV0.610.54–0.69.20
Difference in Paco2
    All infants0.740.71–0.77<.0001
    No CPAP/IMV0.730.66–0.79<.01
SD of Paco2
    All infants0.710.68–0.74<.0001
    No CPAP/IMV0.680.60–0.74.06
  • The AUC of the time-weighted Paco2 was significantly lower than the AUCs of maximal Paco2, minimal Paco2, difference in Paco2, and SD of Paco2 for all infants (P < .05).