Estimated Pesticide Usage, 1997

Class of PesticideTarget PestMillions of Pounds Sold
Herbicides and plant growth regulatorsUnwanted plants, noncrop and hazardous plants5682254
Insecticides and miticidesInsects, spiders, and mites1291470
FungicidesFungi (molds, rots, and plant diseases)81539
Rodenticides, fumigants, and others*4531421
  • * Includes nematicides, molluscicides, aquateic, fish and bird pesticides, other miscellaneous pesticides; and other chemicals used as pesticides, such as sulfur and petroleum. Does not cover industrial wood preservatives, specialty biocides, chlorine, and hypochlorites.

  • Source: 1997 EPA estimates cited by Aspelin and Grube 1999.