Clinical Abnormalities in Individuals With Turner Syndrome

Very frequent (>50% of individuals)
 Growth deficiency
 Gonadal dysgenesis
 Lymphedema of hands and feet
 Deep set, hyperconvex nails
 Unusual shape and rotation of ears
 Narrow maxilla and dental crowding
 Low posterior hairline
 Broad chest with inverted or hypoplastic nipples
 Cubitus valgus
 Short fourth metacarpals
 Tibial exostosis
 Tendency to obesity
 Recurrent otitis media
Frequent (<50% of individuals)
 Hearing loss
 Pigmented nevi
 Webbed neck
 Renal abnormalities
 Cardiovascular anomalies
 Glucose intolerance
Occasional (<5% of individuals)
 Scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis
 Inflammatory bowel disease
 Colon cancer
 Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
 Liver disease