Important Clinical Manifestations of SCD During Childhood and Adolescence

Acute Manifestations
    Bacterial sepsis or meningitis*
Recurrent vaso-occlusive pain (dactylitis, musculoskeletal or abdominal pain)
    Splenic sequestration*
    Aplastic crisis*
    Acute chest syndrome*
    Hematuria, including papillary necrosis
Chronic manifestations
    Functional asplenia
    Cardiomegaly and functional murmurs
    Hyposthenuria and enuresis
    Delayed growth and sexual maturation
    Restrictive lung disease*
    Pulmonary hypertension*
    Avascular necrosis
    Proliferative retinopathy
    Leg ulcers
    Transfusional hemosiderosis*
  • * Potential cause of mortality.