RR Estimates for Impact of Random Assignment to DC on Infant EMC, ED Visits, and Hospital Overnights: Post Hoc Tests of Moderation (n = 531).

VariableBirth to 12-Month Total EMC6- to 12-Month Total EMCBirth to 12-Month ED VisitsBirth to 12-Month Hospital Overnights
RR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CI
Treatment × birth risk
 No birth risks0.63***0.52–0.77
 1 or more birth risks0.23***0.15–0.33
Treatment × Medicaid or no insurance
 Private health insurance0.23***0.15–0.360.20***0.08–0.49
 Medicaid or no insurance0.61***0.51–0.730.910.69–1.21
Treatment × minority status
Treatment × single-parent status
 2-parent family0.51**0.34–0.770.22***0.14–0.36
 Single-parent family0.970.68–1.390.07***0.03–0.14
Treatment × infant gender
  • Dashes indicate moderator was not a significant overall predictor of outcome. CI, confidence interval; EMC, emergency medical care; RR, risk ratio. *P < .05; **P < .01; ***P < .001.