Table 1.

Pediatrician Performance on Smoking Intervention Steps With Patients and Their Parents, Means and Average Total Score* (n = 122)

Rating MeanSDRating MeanSD
Assess smoking history and status.
Explain the dangers of smoking.
Advise to stop smoking.
Tailor counseling to person's readiness.
Assess and treat nicotine dependence.
Help patient identify his/her triggers to smoke.
Help develop a cessation plan, including a quit date.
Arrange follow-up specifically for smoking.
Refer to resources as appropriate.
Record encounter in medical record.
Average total performance score* 4.731.863.231.99
  • * Self-report of proportion of patients and parents who smoke (none, some, most, all) with whom a physician used each step. Scoring method: 0 points when the physician counsels no patients; .33 points, for counseling some patients; .66, most patients; and 1.0, all patients. Thus, the possible range for a summative score of the 10 items is 0 to 10.