Distribution of Socioeconomic and Family Factors by Usual Weekday Bedtimes at Age 7

Usual Weekday Bedtime at Age 7
Before 7:307:30–7:598:00–8:298:30–8:599:00 or LaterNonregular
Child age, y, mean7.
Gender, male45.349.851.949.752.250.2
Mother’s age, y, mean34.535.936.436.736.036.2
Birth order, firstborn50.349.942.033.334.039.6
Family income
 £52 000 or more10.117.315.
 £31 200–£51 99921.226.227.325.619.017.1
 £20 800–£31 19922.821.620.921.720.421.3
 £10 400–£20 79925.719.519.820.630.624.3
 Less than £10 40011.07.78.910.512.617.6
 Not known9.
Highest parental qualification
 Higher degree10.914.312.914.19.08.2
 First degree or diploma35.141.541.935.325.829.3
 A/AS levels17.216.015.416.019.016.4
 GCSE grades A–C23.520.621.224.426.527.4
 GCSE grades D–G7.
 Other or overseas1.
Mother’s psychological distress, mean3.
Discipline strategies score, mean1.
Mother often irritated with child19.719.318.414.716.924.4
Mother’s parenting competence, better than average57.063.563.763.566.955.3
Breastfed, ever66.274.771.165.960.160.3
Skips breakfast, ever2.
Helped with reading, daily22.926.322.420.023.518.2
Helped with math, daily6.
Helped with writing, daily11.111.29.810.312.510.4
TV hours per weekday
 Less than 1 h22.723.520.715.614.616.7
 1 h to under 3 h62.465.765.467.365.860.1
 3 h or more14.910.813.917.019.523.3
Computer hours per weekday
 Less than 1 h69.668.866.562.456.056.2
 1 h to under 3 h26.928.530.133.237.338.4
 3 h or more3.
Parental employment
2-parent household
 Both employed47.457.356.256.145.647.1
 Mother only1.
 Father only22.621.420.518.021.520.4
1-parent household
 Not employed12.
Mother’s view of amount of time with child, not enough31.432.233.432.627.832.3
Father’s view of amount of time with child, not enough59.262.257.658.345.849.2
Child attends breakfast club10.29.911.412.711.710.0
Any other child care32.128.831.636.736.340.1
Child read to, daily49.955.449.442.433.836.1
TV time rules89.786.486.282.775.267.6
Child wets bed13.814.015.014.411.414.1
Child’s sleep disturbed by wheezing7.
TV in bedroom55.044.649.357.663.864.2