Table 1.

Assessment of Medical Conditions Related to Obesity

FindingsPotential Conditions
 Developmental delayGenetic disorders
 Poor linear growthHypothyroidism, Cushing's syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome
 HeadachesPseudotumor cerebri
 Nighttime breathing difficultySleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome
 Daytime somnolenceSleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome
 Abdominal painGall bladder disease
 Hip or knee painSlipped capital femoral epiphysis
 Oligomenorrhea or amenorrheaPolycystic ovary syndrome
Family history
 Cardiovascular disease
 Gall bladder disease
Social/psychologic history
 Tobacco use
 Eating disorder
Physical examination
 Height, weight, and BMI
 Triceps skinfold thickness
 Truncal obesityRisk of cardiovascular disease; Cushing's syndrome
 Blood pressure
 Dysmorphic featuresGenetic disorders, including Prader–Willi syndrome
 Acanthosis nigricansNIDDM, insulin resistance
 HirsutismPolycystic ovary syndrome; Cushing's syndrome
 Violaceous striaeCushing's syndrome
 Optic disksPseudotumor cerebri
 TonsilsSleep apnea
 Abdominal tendernessGall bladder disease
 Undescended testiclePrader-Willi syndrome
 Limited hip range of motionSlipped capital femoral epiphysis
 Lower leg bowingBlount's disease