Table 4.

Risk Factors for Lead Exposure and Prevention Strategies

Risk FactorPrevention Strategy
 PaintIdentify and abate
 DustWet mop, frequent handwashing
 SoilRestrict play in area, ground cover, frequent handwashing
 Drinking water2-minute flush of morning water; use of cold water for cooking, drinking
 Folk remediesAvoid use
 Old ceramic or pewter cookware,  old urns/kettlesAvoid use
 Some imported cosmetics, toys,  crayonsAvoid use
 Parental occupationsRemove work clothing at work
 HobbiesProper use, storage, and ventilation
 Home renovationProper containment, ventilation
 Buying or renting a new homeInquire about lead hazards
 Hand-to-mouth activity (or pica)Frequent handwashing
 Inadequate nutritionHigh iron and calcium, low-fat diet; frequent small meals
 Developmental disabilitiesFrequent screening