Focus, Timeline, Size, and Funding of 5 Pediatric Collaborative Improvement Networks

NetworkTopic(s)Date BeganNumber of SitesLocationFunding
Physician Hospital Organization Affiliated with CCHMC (Tri State Child Health Services, Inc)AsthmaOctober 200340 community-based pediatric practicesGreater Cincinnati, OHAnnual PHO membership dues
CPQCCPerinatal care1997131 hospitalsCaliforniaDavid and Lucile Packard Foundation seed funding at inception; State of California, Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program; yearly participant fees
SPSSerious safety events and harmJanuary 20098 in Ohio at inception; expanded nationally to 25 additional hospitals in 2012; 50 additional planned in 2013Ohio, national spreadCardinal Health Foundation, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovation Center, participant fees
ICNIBDJanuary 200743 pediatric gastrointestinal care centersNationally and 1 center in LondonAmerican Board of Pediatrics Foundation grant, federal grants, participant fees, donations
Children’s Hospital Association QTNPICU/CICU CLABSI prevention; hematology/ oncology CLABSI prevention; nephrology peritonitis and exit-site infection prevention200690NationallyAmerican Board of Pediatrics Foundation grant, federal grants, participant fees