VEP Parameters: Case and Comparison Infants

Cases (n = 100)Comparisons (n = 50)P ValueAdjusted P Valuea
P1, %b2148.001.003
N2, %b3860.011.011
P2, %b8998.106
N3, %b8784.621
P1 IT, msc133 (118–175)137 (114–157).936
P2 IT, msc207 (191–221)206 (191–228).690
N3 IT, msc296 (247–329)321 (250–357).262
Total amplitude, µVc27 (17–42)39 (28–67)<.001.001
  • Percentage responses were compared by using χ2 tests; implicit times and amplitudes were compared by using Mann-Whitney tests. IT, implicit time; —, not significant.

  • a Adjusted P value is after correcting for occipitofrontal head circumference, maternal smoking, and excess maternal alcohol intake during pregnancy with a linear regression model for VEP amplitude and a binary logistic regression model for the prevalence of VEP components.

  • b Percentage of VEPs containing the individual component.

  • c Median (interquartile range) for implicit times and amplitude.