Selected Regimens for Emergency Contraception Available in the United States14,72

BrandFirst DoseSecond DoseEthinyl Estradiol per Dose, μgLevonorgestrel per Dose, mg
Progestin-only pills
 Next Choice or Plan B2 pillsNone01.5
 Plan B One-Step1 pillNone01.5
 Ovrette20 pills20 pill00.75
Other emergency contraception
 ella30 mg of ulipristal acetate
Combined estrogen and progestin pills
 Ovral2 white pills2 white pills1000.5
 Levora4 white pills4 white pills1200.6
 Nordette4 light orange pills4 light orange pills1200.6
 Seasonale4 pink pills4 pink pills1200.6
 Triphasil4 yellow pills4 yellow pills1200.5
 Alesse5 pink pills5 pink pills1200.5