Mean Domain and Composite Scores by Group on VABS-II

Vineland: adaptive behavior composite2316<.0001
ASD alone77.50.62
ASD + ADHD74.090.64
Vineland: communication2313<.0001
ASD alone82.510.75
ASD + ADHD78.810.78
Vineland: daily living skills2316<.0001
ASD alone80.690.81
ASD + ADHD77.320.84
Vineland: socialization2316<.0001
ASD alone74.680.69
ASD + ADHD71.480.71
  • Results from generalized linear equation models adjusted for age, gender, race, IQ, and the site where the participant was seen. VABS-II scores have a mean of 100 and SD of 15. Higher scores suggest better adaptive functioning. Scores <70 are indicative of clinical impairment.