Questionnaire for Assessing Sexual Symptoms in Postpubescent Adolescents

Sample questions to the general adolescent population:
 Have you had sex with another person, including oral sex, or do you masturbate; and if so, are there any issues you would like to discuss about this?
 Are you having any problems with your sexual feelings or behaviors?
 Have you had the opportunity to discuss questions you might have in regards to your sexual feelings in a setting that you feel is confidential and safe to open up in?
 If you have had sex with other people: Do you, or have you ever had unprotected sex, including sex without a condom or sex without any other form of contraception?
Specific questions when a mood disorder is suspected:
 Have you experienced a change in libido (sexual desire, thoughts, interest) recently?
 Have you experienced a change in libido or any other sexual side effects (for example, a change in orgasm) since beginning your medication (if taking a medication with known sexual side effects)?