Comparison of the Roles and Responsibilities of Organizations and People Involved in PBC Disaster Response to Hurricane Wilma and the SLV Program

OrganizationRole in SLVRole in Disaster Response
Palm Beach County Health Department (PBCHD)Provided leadership and some nurse assistance to SLV clinicsProvided public health nurses in response to areas of need
School District of Palm Beach County (PBC)Principal authorized participation; school staff disseminated information, collected consents, and supported clinic functions and student flowProvided school facilities as shelters
Health Care District (HCD) of PBCHCD nurses staffed SLV clinics; HCD pharmacists provided proper cold-chain storage of vaccine, repackaging of vaccine, and epinephrine for treatment of anaphylaxisSchool nurses volunteered at safe-haven shelters; pharmacy provided staff and pharmaceuticals on-site for the special needs shelter
American Red Cross (ARC)Although their participation was anticipated, the disaster response made it impossible for them to help staff SLV clinicsProvided coverage at school shelters and other facets of response
PBC Fire RescueProvided same-day delivery service of vaccine to each school clinicProvided emergency medical care and fire suppression
Local pediatricianVolunteered time to train school nurses and ARC nurses in advanceVolunteered in local medical reserve corps
Area hospitalsProvided incineration facilities to handle biomedical waste from the clinicsProvided emergency and other medical care