Multivariable Poisson Regression Analysis of Risk Factors for Refusal of Vitamin K Prophylaxis in Alberta, 2006 to 2012

CharacteristicsAdjusted Risk Ratioa(95% CI)P Value
Mother’s age, y
First-time delivery0.99(0.85–1.14).842
Non First Nationsb2.00(1.29–3.09).002
Site of birth
 Birth center3.58(2.29–5.59)<.001
 Planned home birth4.92(3.75–6.44)<.001
Primary attendant at birth
 Nurse and others4.45(3.11–6.35)<.001
 Vaginal delivery, no epidural1.00
 Vaginal delivery with epidural0.33(0.26–0.41)<.001
 Cesarean delivery0.52(0.42–0.64)<.001
Infant health status at birthd
 Term, no NICU admission1.00
 Term with NICU admission0.90(0.63–1.29).559
 Preterm, no NICU admission1.05(0.67–1.66).819
 Preterm with NICU admission2.28(1.58–3.28)<.001
Not smoking during pregnancy2.43(1.80–3.28)<.001
  • —, reference group.

  • a Adjusted for all variables in the regression model.

  • b First Nations: the largest aboriginal group in Canada.

  • c Others: primarily unplanned home births, also births occurring en route to hospital (eg, in vehicle).

  • d Infant health status: preterm birth (gestational age <37 wk); term (≥37 wk); NICU admission.