Urinary Screening for Various Drugs and Approximate Duration of Detection in the Neonate116,118120

SubstanceCompound/Metabolite/UsageDuration of Detectability
Alcohol123EthanolFew h
Fatty acid ethyl estersUp to 5 d
Ethyl glucuronideUp to 30 h
Ethyl sulfate
AmphetaminesAmphetamine1‒2 d
Methamphetamine1‒2 d
BarbiturateShort acting<2 d
Long acting1‒7 d
BenzodiazepinesShort acting1‒7 d
Long actingUp to 30 d
CocaineCocaine6‒8 h
Metabolites2‒5 d
(up to 10‒22 d with heavy use)
MarijuanaSingle use1‒3 d
Moderate use5‒7 d
Heavyup to 10 d
Chronic heavy useup to 30 d
OpiatesHeroin, morphine, codeine1‒2 d
Hydromorphone, oxycodone2‒4 d
Methadone2‒3 d
Methadone metaboliteUp to 6 d
Buprenorphine1252‒3 d
Buprenorphine2‒3 d
Phencyclidine 1 to 8 d