Characteristics of Influenza-Associated Pediatric Deaths With Known Vaccination Status, United States, 2010–2011 to 2013–2014 Influenza Seasons (N = 291)

CharacteristicNo.%No.% Vaccinated
 6 mo–4 y93323133
 5–12 y128442620
 13–17 y70241826
Race and ethnicity
 White, non-Hispanic154534227
 Hispanic or Latino57201221
 Black, non-Hispanic391338
 Asian or Pacific Islander124867
 American Indian or Alaskan Native72229
 Identified by ≥2 races1<11100
High-risk medical conditionsb
 No high-risk medical conditions135472720
 ≥1 high-risk medical conditionc153534731
 Chronic pulmonary disease (including asthma)72252535
 Metabolic disorders (including diabetes)186844
 Neurologic and neuromuscular disorders75262533
 Renal disease3100
 Cardiac or congenital heart disease3010723
 Immunosuppressive condition155747
 ≥2 high-risk medical conditionsc46161737
 Other high-risk conditionsd37131335
Location of deathe
 In hospital189665429
 Emergency department54191731
 Outside hospital451537
Influenza virus type or subtype
 Influenza A173594425
 A, subtype not distinguished
 Influenza B113393127
 Coinfection (types A and B)5200
  • Excludes children with unknown vaccination status.

  • a Receipt of ≥1 dose of influenza vaccine ≥14 d before onset of illness for season in which death occurred.

  • b Case investigation form indicates presence of high-risk condition, as defined by ACIP guidance for conditions that increase risk for complications of influenza. High-risk status was not reported for 3 deaths.

  • c >1 medical condition could be reported for each pediatric death.

  • d Includes chromosomal abnormalities, genetic syndromes, and mitochondrial disorders.

  • e Location of death was missing for 3 deaths.