Characteristics of Calls to the Central Ohio Poison Center for Exposure to Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products Among Children ≤19 Years, 1999 to 2013

CharacteristicsNo. of Exposure Calls (n = 1431)Percent
Age, y
Exposure site
 Other residence392.7
 Other (ie, school or public area)70.5
 Exploratory behavior87961.4
 Unintentional delivery33323.3
 Mistaken identification1107.7
 Other/not specified1097.6
Route of exposure
 Multiple routes332.3
 Other/not specified20.1
Medical outcome
 No or minor effect70249.1
 Not followeda68547.9
 Unrelated effect241.7
 Unable to followb30.2
 Moderate effect20.1
 Confirmed as no exposure151.0
Management site
 Managed on site (non-HCF)134794.1
 Patient referred to HCF805.6
Level of health care received
 Managed on site134794.1
 Treated and released715.0
 Patient refused referral/did not arrive at HCF50.3
 Patient lost to follow-up20.1
 Admitted to a non-critical care unit10.1
 Admitted to a critical care unit10.1
  • a Not followed, judged as nontoxic exposures (clinical effects not expected) or minimal clinical effects possible (no more than minor effect possible).

  • b Unable to follow, judged as a potentially toxic exposure.