Demonstrated Safety and Efficacy of Biofeedback-Based Treatments in a Variety of Childhood Conditions

Biofeedback-Based Treatment TechniqueConditionReference
sEMG and peripheral temperatureMigraine, muscle tension, headacheAndrasik and Schwartz, 200639; Nestoriuc et al, 200840
Variety of biofeedback modalitiesChronic pain syndromesEccleston et al, 20028; Palermo et al, 20106
sEMG pelvic floor biofeedback; anorectal EMG biofeedback; manometric feedbackFunctional disorders of eliminationCulbert and Banez 2007,41 200842; Palsson et al, 200443; Weydert et al, 200344
Sophisticated multichannel sEMG biofeedbackDevelopmental disabilities and neuromuscular challengesBolek, 200645; Brütsch et al, 201146; Wang and Reid, 201147;
EEG biofeedback (also termed neurofeedback)Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderWang and Reid, 201147; Monastra et al, 20057; Vernon et al, 200448
Heart rate variability biofeedbackPerformance anxietyKnox et al, 20115
Bifrontal sEMG biofeedbackAsthmaLehrer et al, 200249
sEMG biofeedbackVarious learning disordersCarter and Russell, 198550; Hoy et al 201151
Specific biofeedback training targeting lowered sympathetic nervous system arousalSleep disordersBarowsky et al, 199052; Morin et al, 200653
  • sEMG, surface electromyography.